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Happy News

S.L.P. to ban the slaughtering of aged bulls & bullocks is being
granted in the Supreme Court

'Ahimsa' (non-violence) is the soul of Indian Constitution. Whole world knows that India got freedom under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi by Ahimsa only and today in the Golden Jubilee Year the Supreme Court of India has protected this very Ahimsa by admiting a Special Leave Petition filed by The Govt. of Gujarat and Shri Ahimsa Army Manav Kalyan-Jivdaya Chairitable Trust to protect the lives of old bulls & Bullocks.
New Delhi, Supreme Court, Friday 18th Sept. 1998 : In the court of Hon'ble justice Shri A. S. Anand, Shri B. P. Wadhawa & M. Shrinivasan the Atorney General of India Shri Soly Sorabji advocated the case. The S.L.P. to put the
ban on slaughtering of bulls & bullocks even after the age of 16 is being admited. For stay the court has demanded more statistical datas and evidence to prove their utility even after the age of 16.
Mrs. Hemantika Wahi is the advocate for Gujarat Govt., the senior learned advocate Shri Harsh Salve and Add. Advocate General of Gujarat Shri Suresh N. Shelat, advocate Miss. Sumita Hazarika, advocate Miss Annu Shawney, and others were present on behalf of Gujarat Govt. were as senior advocate Shri Sushil Jain and Alkabeer fame senior advocate Shri Abhishek M. Singhvi, advocate Dhamija and others were present on behalf of
Shri Ahimsa Armya Manavkalyan-Jivdaya Chairitable Trust.
Since Ahimsa is the spirit of Indian Constitution and this case in lieu of it's constitutional importance will be placed further before the
Constitutional Bench where there is every possibility of reconsidering the relative past judgements.
In this noble cause great lovers of Ahimsa like Shri
L. K. Advaniji The Hon'ble Home Minister of India, Shri Kashiram Rana Hon'ble Textile Miniter of India, Shri Keshubhai Patel Hon'ble C.M. of Gujarat, Miss. Hemangini Zaveri Secretary (P.L.A.) Govt. of Gujarat, Dr. A. K. Ganatra Dy. Director Animal Husbandry, Gujarat